My Method

All drawings are done from photographs. I can work from either a digital photo or a physical photo.

Once I receive your order and photograph, I use special, high quality oil based pencils to hand draw your original artwork on an acetate film. I use acetate film instead of regular paper because I find this approach gives the original work a rather unique and lovely finished effect, and also because it ensures that you will receive an enduring, original artwork. Unlike paper, acetate does not fade, yellow or degrade as readily over time.

To finish your original work, I place the translucent acetate over a white or pastel background paper, then I matt and frame each work.

All prices include both matting and framing. Your completed work will be ready for giving or hanging as soon as you receive it.

Multiple Subjects - It is possible to combine multiple subjects into one drawing from more than one photograph. For these requests, I scan each photo into a computer and create a composite. I then print the new image and hand draw the new grouping. So if you like the way you smiled in one photo and like your little one's hair better in another, you may order a grouping with both photo shots represented in one drawing!